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With summer around the corner, dozens of homes in Orange County and surrounding areas would want their air-conditioners to work perfectly. However, with summer heat, it is likely that there could be breakdown or your system may be in need of some maintenance. In these situations, there are many people in Orange County who have been putting their faith and system care into Nexgen Air Conditioning Heating and Plumbing

Nexgen is a well known and reputed AC repair in Orange County. We carry years of experience and expertise and a few more reasons that make us different from many other professionals in Orange County.

Full-Service HVAC Company

We are often referred to as a full-service HVAC contractor in Orange County. This is because we offer total and complete HVAC repair, overhauling and maintenance services. Though there are many HVAC companies that could do the job, Nexgen is one of the few local companies that has the material and dedication to do the job right the first time. We have years of experience and expertise in taking care of each and every aspect of HVAC servicing. We also have the best technicians and support staff to take care of each and every aspect of HVAC servicing, installation, repair, overhauling and regular maintenance. 

HVAC repair is not an easy job because it also requires special tools and devices to get into the AC ducts and conduct repairs and replacements. We are one of the few HVAC Contractors in Orange County who have mechanics and other methods that help us to reach even the most difficult areas of HVAC ducts. 

Nexgen has been founded on the principles of offering the best services to our customers at any cost. If you have any need for repair, installation or any other jobs related to HVAC systems, you found the right company. We will be able to take care of each and every aspect of your system, considering the expertise and skill sets that we have and continue to grow.

Air Conditioning And Heating Services

As leaders in the HVAC industry, our experience moves beyond repairing. We also offer the best possible air conditioning and heating services. Over the years we have serviced, overhauled, and installed dozens of air conditioning systems. Whether it is split air conditioning systems or single unit systems, or even centralized heating and air conditioning systems, we can offer quality products with quality service. 

We have a team totally focused on such repairs and related services. We undertake minor repairs like general overhauling and servicing of the air conditioning systems. On the other hand, if you need major repairs for your air conditioning systems, you have many reasons to trust that we will get the job done. We are known for reliable, punctual and efficient services taking into account the specific nature of the problem. 

It is our ability to offer solutions for different sizes and capacities of air conditioners and heaters that sets us apart from many such service providers in Orange County and surrounding areas. For example, we are experts whenever there is a need to repair a single unit air conditioner and at the other end of the spectrum, we have the team and resources to handle a number of such units in an office or even in big homes. We can also handle big air conditioning and heating plants that cater to a large area and also to many numbers of people. There is a reason why we are the best AC repair in Orange Country in this part of the country.

Nexgen offers air conditioning and heating services in Orange, CA

Plumbing Services In Orange County

Finally, we also offer one of the best plumbing services in Orange County and other surrounding areas. There is a need to give the right outlet to water that is generated when the air conditioners run during summer. In winter too, heating units need the right plumbing work for obvious reasons. We have combined our HVAC expertise and added plumbing into the mix so you can have full experience with Nexgen.

Nexgen is one of the best solutions for all air conditioning servicing, installation, repair, overhauling and other such requirements in Orange County. We also offer top class services with regard to HVAC repair and maintenance, like our X Protection Plan. 

Our X Protection Plan protects your home for life. We take the guesswork out of making the most out of your HVAC and plumbing systems. This plan sits you at the VIP table at Nexgen, providing you with 

  • priority services
  • 24-hour services
  • tune-ups
  • 15% off all future repairs
  • Unlimited Free Diagnostic/Tune Ups for Friends and Family
  • Extended Parts & Labor Warranty as long as you stay in the family

Our rates are competitive but at the same time, we do not compromise on the quality of services that we offer to our customers. By joining our family, we make sure you and your family are covered and protected all year long.

Call Nexgen today and schedule an appointment with regard to plumbing, AC repair, installation, and other such jobs. 

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