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I contacted Nexgen Air Conditioning and Heating on a Monday about my Trane furnace problem.  That same day, Jeff, one of their diagnostic experts, came to my house.  He had not heard of my problem (furnace fan turning off prematurely every forth heating cycle) so he contacted the Technical Support Team of Trane.  They informed Jeff that there was a fix for the problem and provided him with all the details.  Jeff gave me the good news plus other options I might want to consider given the age of my furnace.  I selected the fix option on that Monday.  Two days later, Jose arrived at my house to install the fix and thoroughly tested my furnace to make sure the fix worked.

I was very impressed by the professionalism of Jeff, Jose, and the company’s office staff.  They handled my request promptly and solved the problem to my satisfaction within 2 days of my initial phone call.  Each time Jeff and Jose entered my house, they wore shoe covers to protect my flooring.  Both cleaned up completely after completing their work.  Jeff responded quickly and fully to all questions I sent him via e-mail.

No doubt that the next time I need service for any part of my AC and heating system, Nexgen Air is the company I’ll contact.  The folks I dealt with at Nexgen Air really know their stuff and delivered great service in response to my furnace problem.

Being the giant idiot that I am, I got a little too excited about install my new Ecobee thermostats that I forgot to turn off the power. Upon disconnecting my wires, I accidentally touched the Rc and C wires, causing a short. I knew it was a “OH S4!%” moment when a giant spark startled me. I started flipping breakers, cussing at myself, and re-installing the wires. Despite the difficulty of trying to see the numbers on my phone behind a stream of tears, I ended up getting a hold of Shawn (or Sean?). I explained my situation and he was like, “brah. Just hit up Autozone and pick up a new fuse. Pop that back in and it should work again”.

I did as I was told and Viola! My thermostats came to life!

Unlike other contractors that were quoting me $75+ just to do a “diagnostic” on my system, Nexgen was able to throw me a bone and help a complete moron out. Will contact them very soon for HVAC maintenance and repair!

Highly recommend!


“I would like to thank NEXGEN for their excellence in customer service, as well as delivering as promised. We had a bad week to start off, 10 year old microwave, 11 year old hot water tank and 15 year old furnace and ac all decided to die out at the same time. I replaced microwave easy. But furnace and a/c are in the attic and water heater was in an awkward place in garage. In other words proffessionals were needed. After several calls and in home estimates Nexgen came to the rescue. They were polite, listened to my woes and provided me with a confidence that i was choosing the right company. They were not the cheapest or the most expensive, but middle of the road in pricing. And as pricing is an important thing in my household it was not the most important. The promise of a correct and clean installation that would not only pass city inspection but would pass mine and my wife’s before and after inspection. (Clean house before and after) I want to thank Gary Derrick for his patience with me in making my decisions. And thanks to Mario, Simon and Rigo for their installation expertise also for cleaning up afterwards. These guys showed up 1/2 hour early and finished the job in one day. (Not an easy job either) Two weeks later and System is working great. Thanks guys and Nexgen team for a job well done.”

ROD LIGGETT, Facebook Review
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KATHLEEN MAJESKI, Facebook 5 Star Rating
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SHANNON CLARK, Facebook 5 Star Rating
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ROSA BUENROSTRO, Facebook 5 Star Rating

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TIFFANY GLASSMAN, Facebook 5 Star Rating
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WILL DUNN, Facebook 5 Star Rating
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JANELLE BATTAGLIA, Facebook 5 Star Rating
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ERICA GONZALES, Facebook 5 Star Rating
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MARIA RODRIGUEZ, Facebook 5 Star Rating


Efrain Rocha

“Excellent Experience! From the moment I requested a quote I knew I had chosen the right company! Shawn returned my phone call with absolute professionalism and was knowledgeable with the problem I had with my “recalled” furnace in the attic. I met with Mr. Pigeon for the free estimate and options, and he offered me the best deal out there with plenty of extra savings! Made the deal and the installation was scheduled to be done the next morning. The installation team, Mario, Simon, and Arturo showed up on time and were ready to work! They did such an amazing job with the removal and replacement of my old furnace in the attic and condenser located on the side of the house. They did such an amazing job in the attic that it now looks absolutely brand new up there! They left absolutely not a piece of trash after they completed all the work. Don’t waste your time researching other companies because I already did it. Nexgen is the way to go! Thanks again to Shawn, Corky, Mario, Simon, and Arturo for your dedication and excellent work! Keep it up!”

EFRAIN ROCHA, Google Review

“I strongly recommend this company to anyone looking to get their system evaluated. I called Nexgen just the other day when I realized it was chilly enough to turn my heater on. I was taken care of by a very nice lady named Vannessa, she scheduled me the same day. Collyn came out and took a look at my heater which was pretty old and a hazard. He recommended I consider replacing it in the near future. I got such a good vibe from the company I decided to follow through with one of their project managers named Hanson to see if I could afford replacing it. Based off the reviews I’ve read and the name brand they use I really expected to see a big number. I was so surprised with their affordable price that I signed the contract and now here I am typing this, warm and cozy with my new heater!


“Couldn’t be happier with Nexgen! have a really knowledgeable technician by the name of Jose come out and give us a proper diagnosis. I could really tell he knew his stuff as he had a vast tool set and he thoroughly inspected and tested things in the system. He didn’t mind me supervising his work as I explained to him I had dealt with some really dishonest companies before who just wanted to sell me something. I am a single mom and I am very cautious of the companies who try to take advantage of not having a male decision maker in the home! Well anyway, Jose explained to me everything he was doing and seeing and he replaced the blower motor assembly and installed a new runcap and now my system runs good as new! :D”


Best HVAC company out there by far! I can’t even begin to explain how happy I was from begging to end. With a big purchase like heating and air condition for your home, one can see why I would be so nervous going into this project. Well most of my worries ended upon talking to the lovely dispatcher Laura Lee, she reassured me she would not be working for the company if she didn’t absolutely feel that they strive to do what is best for the customer. They were able to send a project manager over to my home in the very same day! I met with Jeff Keiffer who just made my dad with his honest approach. He gave me a great price and I really got my moneys worth with my new Trane system. It’s so quite that I can hardly tell it’s on! Thank you Nexgen for showing me there is still good honest companies out there!”

JEFF CAPALLIO, Google Review


“Your crew just left and everything went GREAT. They are some of the hardest working and most professional installers I have ever had working on my properties, and that goes back MANY years. I will be posting VERY positive reviews on Yelp and on Nextdoor Let me know if there are any other recommendation sites you would like me to post my positive comments on. Can’t say enough about the way they worked and conducted themselves. GREAT GUYS!

I gave the office my credit card to pay in full and they acknowledged it went thru fine. Sandra just called me and said she would send the IID Rebate paperwork over to me tomorrow by email.

Thank you for the great job you did in designing a replacement system and coordinating the installation. I think as the HVAC units here in Hidden Canyon meet their life expectancy, Nexgen should be getting a lot of new business from the referrals of your very satisfied customers here.”

Mike McBride, Emailed Review
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