Heating Repairs & Replacements in Southern California

Even though Southern California is known for its warm weather, our winters can get quite chilly, especially at night. As a Google Certified for Home Services HVAC company, Nexgen.

 is here to ensure your furnace and heating system is working well, so you never have to suffer a cold night. When you trust Nexgen for your heating system repair needs, you benefit from working with a trustworthy team, because all of our employees are background checked and verified.

Is your heating system giving you trouble? Contact Nexgen today for prompt, reliable furnace repair in Southern California.

Common Heating Problems

At Nexgen, we have seen all types of heating system repair needs. Some of the more common problems area homeowners struggle with include:

Problems with the Compressor

Compressor problems require the expertise of an HVAC pro to diagnose and repair.

Temperature fluctuation

If the temperature in your home isn’t staying steady, call us for help.

Low Air Pressure

If there isn’t enough air coming from your vents, you need HVAC repair right away.

Increased Cost

If it seems that your heating bills are continually increasing, there may be a problem with your system. Heating service can find and repair the problem.

Are you noticing any of these problems? A heating and cooling repair technician from Nexgen can get to the bottom of it and provide effective, affordable solutions to get your heating system up and running again.

Fully Stocked for All Heating Repair Needs

When you choose Nexgen for your electric or gas heater repair needs, you’ll never be stuck waiting for parts. Our Southern California HVAC technicians have all of the furnace parts on hand to provide the repairs our customers need. Flame sensors, grommets, fan blades, gaskets, igniters, pressure switches, and more are all readily available to our technicians every time we send them to a service call.

Is Heating Repair Enough?

Sometimes, heating repair isn’t the actual solution to your needs. Sometimes, you need a new furnace to effectively fix your problem. Here are some reasons you may wish to consider new furnace installation rather than furnace repair:


If your furnace is 15 years old or older, a new furnace will be much more efficient.


If you’re noticing a drop in efficiency, then it’s time to consider furnace replacement.

Repair Frequency

If it seems you’re calling for furnace repairs on a regular basis, replacement makes more sense.

Repair Cost

Sometimes, the cost of a repair too high to make sense. The HVAC contractors at Nexgen will help you determine whether replacement or repair makes the most financial sense.

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Why Contact Nexgen for Furnace Repairs and Replacements

Why should you choose Nexgen for your furnace repairs and replacements when there are so many HVAC companies in the area? With Nexgen, you will enjoy:

Emergency services available 24/7

Excellent maintenance plans to help you save

Warranties up to 12 years for your peace of mind

Financing to make your service more affordable

Regular specials, like our $68 system tune-up

Servicing all of Southern California from offices in Los AngelesAnaheim and Palm Desert

There’s a reason Nexgen is one of the top HVAC companies in Southern California. Call today to schedule your service with our reliable and dedicated HVAC team.