Nicotine Residue from Smoking Can Transfer Between Rooms Through Your Vents

It’s been years since people regularly smoked cigarettes indoors in public places and office environments. Most people don’t even smoke cigarettes indoors at home.


With the recent advent of vaping e-cigarettes, there has been a revival of the indoor smoker. Because of this resurgence in indoor smoking, we’d like to discuss how smoke from vaping can affect your HVAC system, your home, and your air quality.

Although it’s believed that e-cigarettes are a cleaner smoke than cigarettes, there are still some residues left over including nicotine and carcinogens from burnt organic materials.

So how do these residues affect your home?

Nicotine and other substances that make up smoke can move through your home’s air vents and leave residues on surfaces in other rooms of your house.

There has not been much study done to the chemical composition of exhaled e-cigarette smoke, so there may be many more chemicals involved that can lower the quality of your air.

What makes e-cigarette smoke even more unpredictable is the fact that the manufacturers of e-cigarette refill fluids have various flavors and are always changing their ingredients, making for a wild-card situation when it comes to knowing what is actually being circulated throughout your home’s air vents.

What Can you do about residues from e-cigarette smoke?

We’re not here to tell you whether you should smoke e-cigarettes or not, but if you or someone in your home does, there are a few steps to take to ensure your air quality stays optimal.

  • First off, just smoke outside. Vaping doesn’t have the same social stigmas that cigarettes have when it comes to smoking indoors, but if you’re worried about the air quality of your home, the easiest way to prevent your air from being tainted with smoke residue is to just smoke outside.
  • With a small investment, you can get an air purifier. This should help purify the air in the room you’re in, but smoke may still travel through your vents into other rooms. If you’d like to purify your entire home, you can either close the vents in the room you’re in or invest in an air purifier in every room. We do have to mention however that closing your vents may not ensure that smoke won’t leak into other rooms.

We hope you have the information needed to make an informed decision about your home’s air quality in relation to e-cigarette smoke. If you’d like to know more about air purification or would like to schedule an appointment for a Nexgen technician to come over and consult you about your air quality, call us today!


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