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Yes, you might need a maintenance check today depending on a few conditions. An HVAC system is not a luxury anymore. It has become a part of modern life, and most people use them to get their home to a comfortable place. 

However, they ignore essential maintenance. The result is obvious. They spend more on the AC repair in Pasadena. Also, a poorly working AC unit causes a lot of other problems. Users will not get the desired coolness in the hot summer, but the irritating noise is another concern. One can avert all these with a regular checkup. 

Some conditions demand immediate attention. When the energy bill is considerably high and is creating a disturbing noise, it is time to call an air conditioning service in Pasadena. 

Reasons Why to Schedule a Maintenance Check

For better clarity, here are a few conditions that might compel you to schedule a maintenance check today. 

Poor Functioning

The cooling and heating systems are designed to last up to twenty years without causing a significant replacement. Primary replacement in the initial few years means there is a problem with the maintenance. When your system works hard to offer the desired coolness, it affects the different parts, and finally, it might lead to a breakdown. The system will stop working. All these conditions will warrant an air conditioning repair Pasadena. If you find that your system is not offering the coolness, then there is an indication that it needs immediate attention. It will not demand a significant expense when the issue will be addressed immediately.

High-Energy Bills

A high energy bill without any apparent cause is the sign that the AC system is not in good condition. When an AC unit tries hard to offer better performance, it consumes more energy. After a few months, it might stop work suddenly. Therefore, whenever there is an unexpected rise in the energy bill, users can contact an air conditioning repair in Pasadena to fix the issue.

Disturbing Noise

Some systems start creating sound when they do not work fine. Noises can be alarming, especially in the night hours. It will affect sleep and can cause health issues as well. When users experience any unexpected and loud noise, they should contact the professionals for the immediate checkup and find a solution.

Polluted Indoor Air

An AC system can pollute the indoor air significantly when the air filters are in poor condition. Polluted indoor air can aggravate the existing respiratory issues and can cause one. It is suggested to replace the air filters more frequently once in a month to maintain the indoor air quality. Whenever there is a sign of the unhealthy indoor air, it is time to schedule an appointment.

All these conditions can warrant an immediate HVAC checkup. When these issues are avoided for a long, they can lead to significant complications. In some situations, a replacement will be the only solution. Replacements can be avoided by paying attention to regular maintenance.

An HVAC system is a valuable investment at home. While it allows you to enjoy a comfortable environment at home as the weather heats up, you need to service it. This is to ensure it functions at its most exceptional quality level. You do not want to risk a system breakdown, health conditions that occur due to a malfunctioning system or costly repairs that could be avoided through servicing. Question is, how often should you have your HVAC unit serviced?

AC servicing can be done at any time. However, it is highly recommended that you service it at the start of the summer season. In the Inland Empire area, spring temperatures are often mild. Occasionally, there are heated seasons that require the use of an AC unit. In this case, tuning your system is essential before the weather warms up. 

Servicing your AC once a year is ideal, during springtime. If you prefer to do it twice, it is still ok. This is because when you schedule for servicing, you may realize that a thing or two require replacements. AC repair in Inland Empire helps you to access regular and quality AC servicing. This is to determine whether your system is still fit for purpose or not. 

During summer, if you realize that your AC is 

You need to check it for servicing and repairs. These are signs of a faulty HVAC system. We are an air conditioning service in Inland Empire with years of experience in the field. Our experts will check your unit, offer the right repairs, and if the unit needs replacement, we advise on the same. 

 Similarly, you need to service your system when you realize your energy bills are higher than usual. Generally, an AC should help you to cut down on energy consumption. However, if you recognize your rates are higher, it means your system is malfunctioning. We are an air conditioning repair in Inland Empire that can service, repair, or replace your failing system. 

Therefore, once or twice a year, you need to schedule for servicing, repair, and maintenance of your system with an industry expert. Before the temperatures rise, knowing your system is working as designed gives you peace of mind. It prevents you from unforeseen faults and related expenses. By servicing your system regularly, you also prolong its life.

However, when servicing your unit in the Inland Empire area, you can only trust an industry expert with your unit. Nexgen Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing is a qualified and well-reputed service provider. We take care of your AC servicing, repairs, maintenance, and installation. 

Why Choose Us

We are passionate, dedicated, pay attention to detail, and commitment to quality service delivery. We have rich experience in the field. Our team is committed to making a difference in the industry. We are passionate and work tirelessly across our locations to deliver exceptional air conditioning, heating, and plumbing services. 

It doesn’t matter the type or size of the HVAC unit that you have in your home. We embrace modern technologies, blend our expertise and experience to deliver services that will meet and match your expectations. We are a trusted and number 1 HVAC company in Southern California with 15years of experience in the field.

People use HVAC systems to get the desired comfort in adverse weather conditions. However, they take a little effort to maintain their AC units. As a result, they ended up spending more on repair and replacement. Regular maintenance will make an AC unit more efficient as well as prevent significant repair while ensuring an extended life. An AC repair in Orange County has both 


When an AC system is not maintained, it will demand more energy to offer the coolness. The systems will work hard, and that will cause more energy consumption. Also, users can experience some disturbing noise that can affect sleep in the middle of the night. All these complications can be avoided by hiring an air conditioning service in Orange County. 

Reasons to Get A Regular Check-Up

Here are a few benefits of regular HVAC check-up. 

Smooth Functioning 

An air conditioning system is subjected to normal wear and tear. It might be working well without causing any disturbance. But suddenly, it might stop working when the maintenance is avoided for a long. The air filter might not work. Also, a weak system demands more energy. However, it will not offer the required coolness even if it consumes more power. At this condition, only an air conditioning repair Orange County can fix the issue. When the problem is significant, the expenses will be additional. In some situations, the service might ask to replace some parts. All these expenses can be averted with regular maintenance. The system will work fine without causing an abrupt stop in a busy day or in the middle of the night. 


Improved Efficiency 

Energy efficiency is the key benefit. A weak system consumes up to thirty percent more energy. The system needs to work hard to offer the desired coolness. With regular maintenance, the energy bill can be minimized. The experts will examine the system during the regular check-up and will find out the issue. They will check the operating system, air filters, connections, thermostat calibrations, and other parts to ensure improved performance. 

A Durable Result 

A well maintained AC will perform better and will work for a long time without causing significant replacements. The heating and cooling systems come with a lifetime of two decades. Users need to make their system run until that period with regular maintenance. When not maintained properly, the system might stop working within a decade and even before that. Regular check-up is the key to getting an extended lifetime. Also, it will prevent any significant replacement. 

Improved Air Quality 

The indoor air is more polluted than the outside air. To maintain the indoor air quality, the experts will replace the air filters every month. Monthly filter replacement will make the indoor air clean, healthy, and toxin-free. It can be best, especially when someone is suffering from respiratory issues. 


Keeping an AC system in good shape will help in many ways to maintain the indoor air quality and the comfort of a home.


Fall in Palm Desert city, South California starts to bring the cool temperature and within a few weeks, the elements of the autumn fall in place. The most important thing to do at this preparing homes for the coming cold season. One of the areas that should be check is the HVAC system. Making sure that the heating system or the air conditioning system is prepared in advance crucial. It helps it to reduce emergency services and costly repairs when the fall/winter arrives.

5 tips that will help you prepare your HVAC for Fall/Winter

Schedule A Maintenance Check-Up

The most important thing is to schedule a maintenance check-up immediately the signs of fall start to show. Coming from summer, the air condition system must have worked almost non-stop for a couple of months to cools. Now that it is to be used for heating purposes, it must be maintained to renew and boost its performance. Therefore, scheduling a maintenance check-up for the system before fall/winter is highly recommended. With professional air conditioning service Palm Desert, the system will be given a new life and better efficiency to heat the room. The check-up will also reduce emergency services, breakdowns, and costly repairs that could arise.

Change Filters

One of the biggest problems with HVAC systems is damaged or clogged filters. For instance, the air conditioner or heating system filters are likely to get clogged due to dust, mold, ice and other particles. For a heating system coming from summer, it would have collected a lot of dirt, leaves and other parts that can make heating during fall/winter difficult. So you need to have the filters replaced with new ones. Hiring professional air conditioning repair Palm Desert services to change filters.

Check For Leaks

Another thing that can make your HVAC system inefficient is leaks. An air conditioning system is likely to develop leaks due to several factors, including aging. It is easy to identify leaks in the system, and one way is drafting around doors or windows. However, hiring professional home conditioning service Palm Desert is highly recommended to help check for even the smallest leaks in the system. 

Check and Clean Condenser Coil

The condenser coils are an essential part of the air conditioning unit. These are coils that release heat into the room to heat it. If they are in bad condition, then the HVAC system will be ineffective during winters. That is why they should be checked for dirt, ice, and faults. If they are dirty or are covered with ice, they should be wiped with a rag and warm water. If they are signs of damage, an AC repair Palm Desert service provider should be hired to fix or replace it with a new one.

Clean Vents

Last but not least is cleaning the vents. Due to warm and moist conditions of the summer, things such as molds, summer pollen, dust, and pet dander are likely to build up in the vents. That is why it is crucial to have them removed by cleaning vents. A vacuum cleaner will do a great job of free vents of these foreign particles. 

These are some of the best tips for preparing HVAC units for Fall/winter. Professions air conditioning repair Palm Desert services are highly recommended to ensure the HVAC system is in good condition before fall/winter.

Reliable HVAC Contractor

The main purpose of insulation is to slow down the transfer of heat from one area of your home to another. Even through floors, ceilings and walls, heat always flows from warmer areas to cooler ones. This means that during the winter season, and due to the cold exterior, the heat in our houses flows outside.

Similarly, during the summer season, heat from the outdoors, transfers into our cooler interior. To remove this heat, during summer months we run the air conditioner, and in winter we run furnaces to maintain the heat in our homes. This is to ensure a desirable room temperature, but this also means higher energy bills!

Does your cooling and heating system run for hours without stopping and without any noticeable change?

If so, you should consider adding insulation to your house.

Insulation Saves You Money

Heat moves from a warmer area into the colder area, but adding insulation to your home makes it difficult for heat to transfer, trapping it in the same place.

What makes our homes have poor insulation?

During the times when heating and cooling systems were not known or used commonly, our houses were built to automatically regulate the indoor temperature. Thick insulation and strategically-placed windows were used as natural insulation. But in modern construction, our heating and cooling systems are now responsible for maintaining the temperature indoors.

In fact, they are the primary source of cooling as well as heating, making insulation a secondary concern. For instance, in many home constructions, builders purposefully cut costs by avoiding insulation.

Adding Insulation is Imperative

Adding insulation is no longer a tedious process. In fact the whole process to install takes less time than most people think. For instance, insulation in spray form can be installed into the attic, above existing insulation. This stops the cold from transferring through the roof. Similarly, some crawl spaces or basement in your house can also be a source of heat loss. You can avoid this by adding some special insulation panels to the ceilings of all of these spaces.

If your home needs proper insulation to avoid losing heath and money, call Nexgen Air and we can utilize our high-quality materials to protect the interior temperature of your house. Give us a call at (833) 394-6565 to schedule an estimate or make an appointment!

Although Orange County does not have high temperatures, it is still essential for residents to have the perfect HVAC unit for their homes. 

It is important to learn about the various types of air conditioning units available to make the right choice. Currently, they are four different types available. All come in different sizes and specifications to suit various home and business designs. 

They include:

Air conditioning repair in Orange County

Most homeowners in Orange County face difficulty when deciding whether to repair or replace their AC unit. The last thing anybody wants is to make a wrong decision on this type of investment – several options need to be weighed before making this decision. 

One of the most important is the lifespan of the conditioning unit. According to a US Environmental Protection Agency, an AC unit should last for an average of 15-20 years, a heat pump for 16 years, and a furnace for 18 years. 

Use these guidelines to make your decision:

1.Safety concerns

The most important thing to consider is safety. If the heating system presents a kind of hazard, then it should be replaced, especially if the repair is going to be temporary and very expensive. 

If your furnace has a cracked heat exchanger, for example, it could result in carbon monoxide leaking into your home, and could potentially be fatal. Don’t take this risk. But things like faulty wiring and stuck valves may just require a simple repair. 

2. Its lifespan

The next thing to consider is the age of your cooling unit. In some cases, a licensed and trained technician will write down the date of installation on the unit. If not, check the chamber door for the identification plate containing the model and serial numbers. Use these numbers to ask the customer service for the manufacture date. 

If your unit is older than 20 years, it doesn’t necessarily mean you must replace it. The average life expectancy dates are average, meaning the unit can still work.

3.Cooling and heating effectiveness

If the cooling or heating system is faulty, it will not cool or heat your home effectively. A good sign to know if the system is flawed is when the unit is not cooling or heating the house at the temperatures you set. Older units will have this difficulty, you might notice if some rooms are colder or warmer than others. 

4.Repair costs

If you are still unsure and realize your unit is under 15 years old, then it may just need a repair. It is no doubt that AC units will need some repairs once a while. But if your system regularly requires repairs, it can eventually cost you more than having a new unit installed. Other signs that indicate you need an AC repair in Orange County are:

Are you tired of the high energy bills every month? If yes, it is important to ensure the optimal performance of your air conditioning unit. 

Ideally, you should immediately get your AC checked if you hear strange noises or observe a stark difference in the airflow. While these issues might seem minor, they can take a bigger shape in the long run. 

The result: a waste of money, time, and effort. 

The right AC service company will send expert professionals to your homes who will check the AC and conduct the necessary repairs right away. Having serviced multiple homes and businesses, these experts will carry out the right repairs. This will not just save your costs, but also save plenty of effort. In case you’re still hesitant and are wondering how to lower energy costs, here are some things you should know about!

Run Your AC Economically

If you’re looking to cut down on high energy bills, it is essential to run your AC more economically. You can do this by setting it at a temperature according to your liking and use a programmable thermostat to tweak it when you’re out. This can decrease your cooling bills by 10%.

Get Your AC Checked

 Getting your AC checked is essential because it plays a significant role in boosting the energy efficiency of your home. Since it also reduces the operational costs of ACs, these services are practically indispensable for your property. The right air conditioning service in Palm Desert will ensure your air conditioner is cleaned of every minor and significant speck of dirt or debris. What’s more, they will also ensure that your system runs at its maximum potential. You can choose annual or quarterly servicing for the best results.

Maintain Your Cooling Unit

If you have a car, you will know that the better you maintain it, the longer will it offer you service. Interestingly, your air conditioning device works in the same fashion. A basic air conditioning unit can run for 15 to 20 years. And when you get regularly assessed by an expert, you will end up getting more miles on it. The right AC repair palm desert will enhance your system’s efficiency so that it lasts you for several years down the line.

Do Not Ignore Minor Issues

Very often, we ensure long-standing issues in our air-conditioning units deeming them as minor or inconsequential. But such is not always the case! Unless you address them at the right time, these issues can take a terrible shape, eventually resulting in expensive repairs. A good air conditioning repair Palm desert company will identify and address the issue at the right time. The result: you’ll be saved of hefty and expensive repairs in the long run. 

Are These Professionals Worth Your Time?

Yes, AC repair experts are certainly worth your time. With several years of experience and complete understanding of business, these professionals are fully aware of what’ll work best for your air conditioning system. The carefully assess your systems and offer solutions that keep it up and running for a long time. So, if you are really looking to save costs, time, and efforts, consult these professionals right away! With their right expertise, Nexgen will ensure that you do not shell out thousands in energy bills. Our team will make sure that your AC is fully functional and efficient, just like you always wanted.

Call Nexgen today and let us help lower your cooling costs!

 Heating, ventilation, and cooling, abbreviated as HVAC, is a system that cleans the air and offers warm air or cold air depending on the user’s climate requirements. In Los Angeles, HVAC systems are considered a worthy investment because of their incredible energy-saving principles. 

If your HVAC system is damaged or is more than 15 years old, you must upgrade to a brand new, high-efficiency HVAC equipment. At Nexgen, we offer professional repair and installation solutions on all AC systems in Los Angeles. We can assist you with all the heating and air conditioning systems requirements you need. 

Pros of Having an HVAC System in Los Angeles

Because of advancements in technology, present-day HVAC systems can maintain a constant temperature in all the rooms in your home. Quality HVAC equipment has top-notch energy control and offers a consistent level of airflow. Pair this HVAC system with a smart thermostat and a comfort zone control system, and your home becomes an energy-efficient fortress. All of these also ensure you have a more comfortable and updated house to live in.

Lower Electricity Bills

An HVAC system is a piece of energy-efficient equipment that can significantly lower your electric bill to a great extent. Moreover, switching to a more advanced HVAC system reduces your carbon footprint, which is a significant step to preserve our unique planet from pollution. 

Cleaner Air

Having a smart HVAC equipment enables you to have a constant flow of clean air. This helps to reduce stuffiness and drafts. Here at Nexgen, we will install an HVAC system that ensures stable comfort levels and boosts the quantity of fresh air. 

The Best Air Conditioning Service in Los Angeles

If you are hunting for dependable AC repair in Los Angeles to handle all of your heating needs, then Nexgen is here to help. Our team can keep your HVAC system maintained and ensure your home is having a constant flow of cold air. We provide full heating and air conditioning services on residential properties within Los Angeles and the neighboring areas. 

State-of-the-art Tools and Equipment 

At Nexgen, we have invested in great repair tools. We use state-of-the-art technology to make sure you get the best HVAC service. Our incredible team of technicians have extensive experience and use their remarkable skills to give you top-of-the-line AC repair solutions.

Exceptional Customer Care 

We give our clients the number one priority always, and as our customer, we will handle your HVAC system repair with the professionalism that the project deserves. Our family will treat you like family. Our team commits to going the extra mile.

Request for a Free Estimate

Looking for the best air conditioning repair in Los Angeles? Call us at Nexgen today for high-quality AC repair, excellent customer support, and affordable costs. You can contact us for a free consultation and estimate on all the AC services we provide.

Figuring out whether an AC unit needs a repair or replacement is tough. If your unit is not more than one decade old and performing well, then you can consider repair. However, longevity is not the sole determining factor.

Performance, regular maintenance, and a few other factors can help you to decide either replacement or repair is due. You can call for an AC repair in Inland Empire before considering a costly replacement.

You can also go through these signs to make the right decision.

When to Replace 

If your air conditioning unit is more than one decade old and needs frequent repair, then it is better to go with the replacement. When it is more than 10 years, you will have to spend more on repairs or part replacement. Also, energy efficiency will be compromised. In some conditions, it might not offer the required coolness as well.

If there is an unexplained hike in the maintenance expenses, then you will have to think of the replacement. Instead of spending more on repair or energy, you can take the call and go for the replacement to get long term benefits.

Here are some signs that indicate the need for a replacement.

When to Repair

In most of the conditions, you can go with the repair, especially when your system is new. An air conditioning service Inland Empire can help you with the right solution. You might not have to spend more on repair if the issue is minor. You can consider repair when it has a good SEER rating. Also, when your system is less than ten years old, you can fix most of the issues.

If your system is offering required coolness without increasing the monthly energy bill, then you should not go with a replacement. The same is about frequent repairs. If it does not require frequent and costly replacement, then you can save on replacements.

Here are some signs that indicate your AC unit needs a repair.

When you notice that your AC system is not performing up to the expectation, check it by an air conditioning repair in Inland Empire to find out the cause. Follow the above tips to decide if it is time to repair or replace your system. If you do find your self in need of a repair or replacement, Nexgen is here to help. Our experience and skills make us the perfect choice for your HVAC unit needs in the inland Empire. Call us today and let us help you decide what would be best for your unit.