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Gas Leak Repair Detection & Repair Service in Orange County

At Nexgen we can handle any sort of gas leak issue in a timely manner, whether your gas furnace or gas line is the source. We will fix the issue forever and not just temporarily. As a resident in your home, you should feel safe going to bed and leaving your pets at home during the day. A gas leak is a very scary thing, so it’s best to be proactive and prevent any issue from happening in the first place. Testing your gas lines every so often is smart, not only for the peace of mind but for your wallet as well.

Nexgen specialists are readily available to help with any issues you may have regarding your gas lines, from your gas furnace to your gas powered Jacuzzi. Whether you have old gas piping or there’s serious damage to your gas plumbing, Nexgen can fix your issues and have your appliances back up and running in no time.

Glue on Pipe for Gas Leak

Signs of a Gas Line Leak

As buildings grow old so do the gas lines that feed the appliances we use every day. Sometimes gas leaks happen, and it’s best to attack the problem right away to eliminate unsafe and even deadly conditions. A tell-all sign of a gas leak is an outrageous utility bill. When there is a gas leak, your bill will most likely skyrocket; make sure to check your utility bill regularly. If you notice any changes, you can contact a gas leak repair professional to check it out and resolve the problem before it gets worse. No matter how severe the issue is, your local Nexgen technician can pinpoint the issue and find solutions fast.

There are several ways you can tell if you have a natural gas leak. If you notice a gas line is damaged, assume dangerous gas is leaking from it. The smell of gas, which is sort of a rotten egg or sulfur-like odor, doesn’t come from the gas itself, as the gas company adds a compound to it to make detecting a leak easier. Gas odors are unpleasant to most homeowners so provide an obvious sign that you should call a repair company.

Hissing noises from a pipe or gas appliance mean gas is escaping. If you see patches of dead grass or blackish green soil in your yard, near where a gas line passes, it could mean that a leak has exposed sensitive vegetation to toxic gas. Other signs of trouble include bubbling water or a white cloud or dust hovering around a gas line.

Lastly, if you suddenly experience symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea, eye/throat irritation, breathing difficulties, or fatigue, a leak in your gas line system may be the cause. If your skin touches compressed or liquid gas, it may become pale or develop blisters.

Signs of carbon monoxide poisoning include ones mention above, as well as chest or stomach pains, vision problems, and loss of muscle control. It can be deadly, which is one reason to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home, if you don’t already have them.

What to Do If There’s a Gas Leak

If you know how to turn the gas meter off, do so. For mild odors open the windows and make sure the pilot light is off. Next, call the gas company for instructions. The best action is then to leave your home. If the odor is very strong or you’re experiencing symptoms, get out of your house immediately before doing anything; there’s a risk of an explosion so go outside and call both 911 and your local gas company.

Fixing up pipes

Common Causes of Gas Leaks

Isolating the cause of a gas leak is the job of a professional. The source may be a household appliance with a bad seal connecting it to the piping. Corrosion can also be a problem in rusting pipes. A worn pipe can become disconnected, or ground/soil conditions or tree roots can become problematic. Piping problems are more common in older homes.

An earthquake can trigger a gas leak or cause a gas line to rupture completely. But don’t wait until a natural disaster to address a potential problem. If you’re trapped in your home when a gas line ruptures, your life is in danger. Call a licensed technician to install an earthquake shutoff valve, which can shut down your gas supply if there is a strong tremor.

Gas Appliances We Work On

Sometimes a gas leak doesn’t come from the gas line itself, but an appliance or accessory connected to it. When this is the case, we can handle any type of equipment, including common gas fixtures such as:

  • Barbeques: Gas grill repair may be necessary if the burner isn’t getting gas, there are grease flare-ups, or a burner doesn’t light. There’s also the possibility of a leak in the gas line connections or from a propane tank. We can fix the connections and parts that are faulty, such as a pressure regulator, gas supply valve, damaged or rusted burner, or grill manifold.
  • Fireplaces: If you smell gas while using your fireplace, contact Nexgen to send a technician to your home right away and move your family outside immediately. A fireplace gas leak can occur due to faulty installation, poor ventilation, or a bad connection or ruptured gas line. A blockage in your chimney can cause gas to build up in your home as well.
  • Jacuzzis: If your gas jacuzzi, spa, or hot tub uses natural gas, problems can occur where the gas line connects to the heater. A constant supply of fuel ignites to run the heating system. When there is a leak, this steady flow of gas becomes a hazard that can turn a relaxing day into one you don’t want to remember.
  • Stoves: Stove gas leaks can be immediately recognizable, especially if the pungent smell of gas occurs whenever you turn it on. Any type of spark can trigger an explosion. The signs of a leak can also be so subtle that the only clue is a higher gas bill. But if you hear hissing from a gas line or see soot marks around the stove, there may be a dangerous leak.
  • Dryers: Gas clothes dryers may emit a faint gas smell when turned on, but if it is stronger and longer than usual there may be leak in the main gas line. A defective burner assembly component or faulty igniter can be the source as well. Another sign of a leak is when you smell gas on your clothes after running them through the dryer. This can indicate an exhaust system problem as well.
  • Furnaces: The tell-tale sign of a furnace gas leak is the smell of sulfur, which is similar to that of rotten eggs. The stronger the smell, the worse the leak is. Hissing sounds from the pipe or behind the wall, a patch of dead grass on your lawn, or a pilot light problem can mean there is a leak. Turn of the furnace, if possible, and exit your home before calling for help. A furnace leak is a fire and carbon monoxide poisoning hazard.

Gas Leak Detection

The source and nature of a gas leak aren’t always obvious to the untrained eye. At Nexgen, we use advanced equipment to find issues quickly and resolve them, whether the line needs to be cleared, tightened, or replaced. As soon as you smell gas, check that someone didn’t leave a gas appliance on, such as a stove, by accident. It’s often unclear what the source of a gas leak is, so it’s important to have a specialist check the problem.

To verify a gas leak, we can do a water test on the pipe. If there are bubbles on the surface of a pipe fitting that means there is a leak. We also have equipment that reveals the location of the problem, how much gas is leaking from the source, and exactly what type of gas it is. You won’t find anything like it in a local store!

Contact Nexgen for Your Gas Plumbing Services

Expertly Trained Staff

At Nexgen, our technicians have years of experience and are given the highest-quality training to assure that they can deliver on our promises. They are prepared and equipped to fix your gas leak in a timely manner. Safety is our highest priority, so we do our absolute best to fix the root problem causing your gas leak. Our technicians also make sure the leak will not return anytime soon. We do love your business, but it’s in our best interest to keep you off our frequently visited customers list!

If any gas issues arise, please reach out Nexgen. Our friendly staff will be happy to help and send qualified technicians to your home in Los Angeles, Orange County, or the Inland Empire to fix any problems you’re having. Whether the job requires testing pressure or immediately shutting off the gas, our team will address the problem quickly. A Nexgen technician can make minor adjustments or replace a gas line at any time if needed.

For emergency service, call us immediately at 833-729-9735.

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