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When you notice that your home is not getting enough power, you may need an electrical panel upgrade. The electrical panel plays a key role in your home’s electrical system. By taking the time to upgrade to a new 200 amp electrical panel, you will have confidence in your safety and your panel’s ability to handle the needs of your family.

What is an Electric Panel?

An electric panel is the distribution board of your home’s electricity. The panel acts as a divider for electricity in your house. A panel receives the electricity from your power company, and then breaks it down to send power to different areas of your home.

When your electric panel is too small or gets too old, it does not work effectively for your needs. In some cases, your panel may send too much power into your wires. This causes the wires to melt and increases the risk of a fire or an electrical shock when you plug in your heating or air conditioning system.

In an older electric panel, your fuse blows when the panel has too much power. Newer systems cause the circuit breaker to flip into the off position to prevent the wires from melting. If the system is not working properly, then you and your family face undue risks to your health and safety. It causes a fire hazard. By upgrading to a 200 amp panel, your system is better able to handle the needs of a modern lifestyle.

Advantages of Upgrading to a 200 amp Panel with Nexgen

At Nexgen, we can upgrade your electrical panel for better performance and safety. The primary benefit of upgrading to a 200 amp panel is your safety. An outdated panel with limited capabilities may cause a fire hazard. When your electrical wires melt, it also increases the risk of an electric shock. By upgrading to a new panel, you will have fewer safety risks. This will also prevent your home from going through unnecessary blackouts and other complications from a blown fuse or a circuit breaker that flips off.

The final advantage to consider is the greater flexibility for your lifestyle. You will not need to worry about losing power when using your ac or heating system. You can feel confident in your home’s electricity.

Why Work with Nexgen For Your Panel Upgrade?

When you want to upgrade to a 200 amp electrical panel, you want to work with the best professionals. At Nexgen, we have 12 years of experience working on electrical panels and systems in the AnaheimPalm Desert and Los Angeles areas. We offer excellent maintenance services and we work quickly when an emergency occurs.

All of our employees go through a strict background check and are verified before they work on your panel. We are Google certified for home services and we offer a variety of services for your home. Our air conditioning services and heating services go hand-in-hand with upgrading your electric panel. We also offer HVAC repairs and replacementsHVAC installations and HVAC maintenance.

Feel confident in your electricity with an electrical panel upgrade from Nexgen. To learn more our about HVAC services or to set up an appointment with a professional, browse our website or contact us today.

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